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The Tune is a portable lamp designed for indoor and outdoor use. The lamp’s purpose is not to fully illuminate, but rather to provide additional illumination of the surroundings and a space in which the users are located. The lamps allow them to tune the mood and atmosphere in a garden, on a terrace, as well as inside the house.

The project was created in cooperation with Slamp S.p.A.


The final effect of the project was the design and production of a fully functional prototype of the lamp.

There is full freedom of how to use the lamp. It can stand horizontally, vertically, on the side, however users want, depending on their needs. It is recommended to buy not one, but two or three lamps to achieve optimal flexibility and optimal space illumination possibilities.

Tune is equipped with a knob that allows users to adjust the intensity as well as the color temperature of the light. This allows for even greater possibilities and freedom to create a mood and atmosphere.