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The trend of a healthy lifestyle and diet does not lose its popularity. We want to consume products whose origins are well known, preferably those that we have grown by ourselves. Unfortunately, the growing population in cities results in increasing density of residential buildings. Apartments are smaller, and access to natural light becomes difficult. For this reason, self-cultivation of own garden was significantly hampered. Until now… Introducing SOLE - home plant growing system, "hidden" in a living-room table

Being able to access fresh vegetables and fruit is invaluable, especially now, in times of COVID-19. Lockdown has been introduced in many places around the world and leaving home is restricted. People should minimize going to the shops, so the prospect of having self-grown vegetables in their own apartment seems very attractive. Growing your own garden is a hobby for many, containing elements of physical activity and mental rest, so important in these difficult times.

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During our reaserch we analyzed how the growing of plants looks like at homes. We pointed out that there are many big growbox projects, but there is none that would be suitable for small metropolitan dwellings. We found it interesting because mostly in the big cities the healthy life trend is particularly strong. We have come across studies showing the influence of exposure time, light intensity, color temperature, distance and angle of light distribution, and the optimal length of individual color on the health properties of a particular plant. Therefore, it was necessary to use an RGB diode, thanks to which it is possible to ensure optimal development conditions for each of the cultivated plants.


In contrast to the classic growers, SOLE stands out with its small dimensions, and in addition our home mini-garden is hidden inside the furniture, which is available in most apartments. For this reason, we do not need a separate place for our garden. The whole cultivation is illuminated using the RGBW diode that imitates light with parameters similar to sunlight, necessary for plant growth.


The SOLE Growbox hides container with an irrigation system, water tanks and fertilizer. The container also holds three pots, which can easily be removed and cleaned. What's more, each pot can be lit with other properties. That’s way we can grow a different crops in each of them. The table slides out on the rails. Thanks to this, we do not have to clean the table every time to get to our vegetables. While using SOLE, we will be able to cultivate at home: basil, coriander, dill, marjoram, mint, oregano, spinach, lettuce, onions, even tomatoes or cabbage and many other.


With the interactive control panel, we can set an automatic program for growing a given plant, dispensing the amount of water and fertilizer, as well as controlling the lighting.

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Mikolaj Nicer, Blazej Bacalski, Jakub Maciejczyk, Grzegorz Szczupal 2017

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