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Our Common House

We urbanize...


United Nations predicts that by 2050 over 65% of the world’s population would dwell in cities. As we change the natural habitats replacing woodlands, grasslands, and traditional farmlands with densely populated areas, species of wild birds move in with us striving to adapt to new environments.


A phenomenon of avian-urban biodiversity emerges. At last, we seem to know and care enough to support this. But what could a regular person do to make the city a better place for birds?


The lack of nesting opportunities is one of the most important factors limiting the success of urban bird populations. Modern building technologies and concepts of city space organization leave little room for opportunistic nesting.


„Our Common House” offers a simple and scalable solution to this problem. It turns the common element of building aesthetics into a functional nesting unit, thus providing the population of urban birds with invaluable resource.


The outer casing of the "Our Common House" module is made of natural fired clay. The clay casing covers the nesting box made of natural wood (pine, oak, or poplar) which offering a comfortable breeding opportunity to the birds and protection from the elements and urban predators.


The front panel can be removed allowing for cleaning and maintenance after the nesting season.

9.415 kopia.png

„Our Common House” is the collection of digit-shaped nesting boxes, intended to be used for marking the street addresses in the city areas. You just select an adequate combination of digits and put it up on your building’s front wall inviting the local bird families to move in with you. 

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People like cities so much, that most of us rarely venture to the countryside anymore. As a consequence, urban bird populations are often the best opportunity for interacting with the wildlife a city dweller has. We should respect this chance and support our winged neighbors. 

„Our Common House” is one among many projects turning the perspective on the contemporary city. First: we, as the species, are not the only rightful urban inhabitants; and second: a city where bird populations can successfully and peacefully coexist with people is simply a better place to live in for all of us.


Nicer Design x Pawel Frej (Hi Brands) 2021

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