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Ford Clint

Introducing Clint – Autonomous vehicle interior for carpooling. The project was developed in cooperation with @fordeurope


Using carpooling, despite growing popularity, is particularly annoying for commuters because they need some flexibility. Depending on the day and mood, they may have privacy, relaxation or preparation for work for a moment, currently they do not have the right conditions and space.

Hope for a better tomorrow may be the upcoming era of autonomous cars. It gives you a chance for a completely different interior design, more friendly to commuters.


CLINT is a  interior of smart, shared autonomous vehicle, which gives travelers the opportunity to arrange the space inside for their individual needs. 

The vehicle is intended for carpooling. Each passenger has a separate entrance so that his boarding does not interfere with other driving users. Depending on the needs, the passenger can stay in private mode and be separated from the rest of the passengers, or change the orientation of the chair and join another passenger or passengers.


Mikolaj Nicer 2020 

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