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The Enso concrete adapter is the result of considerations to minimize vibrations in standard adapters. It was decided to completely resign from vibration damping spring elements, which are standard in other adapters. The high material density makes the body heavy and stable. In addition, the heterogeneous microstructure of concrete effectively reduces vibrations that are undesirable by the listener.

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In the last thirty years, huge advances have been made in the technology of producing this material. Architectural concrete GRC, from which the body is cast, is a cement-glass composite with admixtures of polymers, prepared on white cement with the addition of pigment by the Concraft company from Bielsko-Biała. The finished Enso turntable attracts the observer's eyes constantly due to the excellent quality of the cast.


The ambition was to give the Enso a unique look. The abandonment of rectangular shapes resulted in an oval, concrete form in which the turntable arm was embedded. Massive and stable body, although it weighs approx. 10 kg, due to its unique shapes it seems extremely light. The elements that give the character of Enso are the control panel made of American Walnut wood that breaks the whole thing and a small gap through which the light gently seeps. The adapter stands on three slender felt feet.


Mikolaj Nicer, Blazej Bacalski, Jakub Maciejczyk, Grzegorz Szczupal 2017

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