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The assumption of the project was to design a distinctive but minimalist family of bottles for laundry detergent. The family consists of two bottles with a capacity of 75 OZ - 2.2l and 150 OZ - 4.4l. Since the bottles have a relatively large capacity, it was essential to ensure an ergonomic handle. The real challenge was to keep the distinctive design elements in both bottles without compromising the comfort of using the bottles.

3.502 kopia.png

150 OZ (4.4L) 44 LOADS


75 OZ (2.2L) 22 LOADS

The design process began with the creation of a series of drawings on a graphic tablet, which in the next step were replaced with vector illustarions. In this case more precisely reflected the shape and details of each version. The next step was to present the idea in the form of simple 3D models and prototyping. Finally, the final CAD model was created presenting the bottles ready for manufacturing.

3.467 kopia.png

The handle, in addition to its obvious functional and ergonomic advantages, also has purely visual functions, influencing the brand recognition. It has been designed in such a way that it resembles the letter D - the first letter of the word detergent.

detergent napis kopia c.png

Each bottle has a transparent screw cap, which is also a measure that determines the appropriate dose of detergent for one wash.

Nicer Design 2021

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