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Nowadays, with the constantly growing number of cars on the roads, the choice of public transport seems to look reasonable. Unfortunately, it still happens that we are not able to get on time due to an accident, lack of power in the traction network, repairs or traffic jams. In addition, it happens because the number of vehicles is often not adapted to the real needs of residents, and quick response to the demand of passengers is not easy. 


Introducing ALTERN -  system of autonomous public transport vehicles. 


The project is based on the principles of BRT (Bus Rapid Transit). Vehicles are powered by electric motors, inductively supplied from the terrestrial traction network, which does not interfere with urban architecture. The vehicle has built-in lithium-ion batteries. Thanks to this solution, the route on which the vehicle moves doesn’t need to have a traction network along its entire length. This improves the mobility of the vehicle and allows a better response to sudden and random situations such as an accident or repairs that necessitate a change of route.


Thanks to the possibility of joining in columns, you can adjust the length of vehicles depending on the intensity of traffic during the day. An additional advantage is the emission-free, quiet electric drive, which is not burdensome for residents.

The ALTERN's principles stands for flexible, rapid and high passenger-per-hour rate public transport in fast growing cities of tomorrow.


Above the door there is an LED strip showing the congestion in a given place of the vehicle. Thanks to this, passengers know which door to get in, which facilitates communication at the bus stop.


Mikolaj Nicer, Blazej Bacalski, Jakub Maciejczyk, Grzegorz Szczupal 2017

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